About St. John - Vehicle Rental

Rent a Vehicle & Explore


Remember, in the US Virgin Islands - We Drive on the LEFT Hand Side of the Road

To really enjoy yourselves on St. John - we highly recommend that you rent a vehicle for your vacation! Having your own rental vehicle gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. This way you will be able to see and enjoy much more of St. John. When traveling to the US Virgin Islands, your U.S. driver's license is valid here for 90 days. 

Rental Vehicle Rates:

  • 5 passenger vehicle is $749 per week or 135 per day if less then 7 days.
  • 7 Passenger vehicle is $840 per week or $150 per day if less then 7 days.

You can rent a vehicle directly from us https://www.stjohnresortvillas.com/RentaCar.aspx (depending on availability). When you rent from us, we will do all the paperwork prior to your arrival. When you arrive to St John, the vehicle/s will be ready for you at your villa or condo. We’ve added vehicle rentals for our guests since we’ve heard of many situations where the vehicles rented elsewhere were found to be in poor shape (not checked prior to you getting it) and guests having to wait in long lines and over sold situations where you are waiting for a car to return or no car at all. There are some national brand rental companies at the airport, but you need to confirm they allow their vehicles to travel to St John as some do not. Their vehicles also tend to be older and in sometime in very poor condition and again sometimes not ready when you're ready or even oversold and not available at all. These national brands are "not" the same as it is stateside. Also, there are only a few vehicle barges going from St Thomas to St John and back. Many times, they are out of service and sometimes there is only 1 operating, there can be very long wait times when this occurs. For the best quality & service, we always recommend renting our vehicles.

On St. Thomas & St. John you drive on the left side of the road! St. Thomas is a much busier island and for the first-time driver on the island, it can be a bit daunting. St. John has much fewer roads and traffic.

*When you arrive at the airport on St Thomas, take a public taxi to Red Hook, they are continuously available with no wait time.  The ferry ride to St. John on the passenger ferry is about 20 minutes. From the dock on St John, a taxi can take you to your condo or villa. 

* Luxury transfers from the airport directly to one of our luxury properties is also available and can be booked through this link: https://www.stjohnresortvillas.com/watertaxi.aspx. This is a carefree way to travel seamlessly to your villa or condo. You’ll be picked up at the airport and brought to our new Aquila motor catamaran, Captain Pete will greet you with cold drinks; sit back relax and enjoy the ride in comfort to your accommodation!!   We also offer luxury charters on our boat as well, a highlight of any vacation!! You can see our charter services here: https://www.stjohnresortvillas.com/private-charter.aspx. Our boat is equipped with the latest foil technology for a very fast, super-smooth ride!!