About Our Villa - Amenities

Everything That Your Heart Desires


We provide all the essentials and conveniences so that you can travel light and still have everything that you need and desire for a totally enjoyable and comfortable vacation.

Internet and Desk:  Desk with high speed internet and Wi-Fi. 

Coffee: Both cone shaped drip coffee maker and Keurig machine provided. 

Sound System: Sonos music system 

Telephone Calls: Cell service is available at our Villa.

Laundry:   Our villa has two sets of washers and dryers for your use.  When doing the laundry, Please remember - help conserve water by only running a complete load of wash (this goes for the dishwasher too)!

Supplies:    Soaps, shampoos, foil, saran wrap, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent, 2 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom and 2 rolls of paper towels per stay.

Soft Goods: Bed linens, pillows, bath towels, wash cloths & Beach Towels

Security: Neither Chocolate Hole nor St. John have crime issues, however good judgment should always be taken anywhere you travel.

Entertainment:    TV Stereo with sound supplied to speakers in the Great Room, on the Veranda, Poolside Bar and to the Jacuzzi.  32 inch HD TVs in bedrooms.

Air Conditioning and Ceiling Fans:    A/C in the Great Room (the ultimate luxury)and all four bedrooms, ceiling fans in all rooms including bathrooms.

Water Purification: Water purification and filtration system with a sediment filter, a charcoal filter and a ultra violet light replaced on a regular schedule.

Kitchen and Cooking:  Professional Gas range and ovens, microwave, Outdoor gas grill, built-in refrigerator with ice machine, dishwasher & ice maker.

Cell Phones:  Always check with your carrier for most up to date information. Verizon for Apple 6 or higher Verizon states you can use your domestic talk, text and data in the US virgin Islands at no additional charge. Enjoy your trip! Destination network speeds 2G & 3G. You can also get  An AT&T "Go Phone" purchase in the states for under $100 is a good alternative.  You typically pay $1.00 the first time each day that you use it and $.10 per minute after that.  If you put $100 on it, the minutes will be good for a year. Your cell phone may inadvertently switch to a BVI network which is very expensive. If that should happen, your cell phone company should remove the charges once you explain you were never in the BVI's.

Generator:  We have a diesel generator  in the event of a power loss.  You may run AC but please minimize use of AC in this event.