Villa Rental Information

Pool & Ocean Safety


Pool: The pool is located adjacent to the Villa veranda and is not fully protected by a fence. As part of the pool has an infinity edge. there is no sitting or standing on the pool wall. The pool is elevated and a fall from this area would cause injury. The guests should be aware that it is quite possible for youngsters or adults to fall into the pool. Groups with non-swimming guests should consider carefully this risk before renting the villa. The depth of the pool is approximately 5 to 6 feet. It is not deep enough to dive in and you may be seriously injured! Always pay attention to small children and partying adults, and please do not allow anyone to run around the pool areas or decks - someone could slip and fall. Also note that once wet, the tiles inside the villa can become very slippery. Be extremely cautious and no running! No oils are permitted in the pool, lotions only, and NO RUNNING, DIVING, OR GLASS CONTAINERS ARE PERMITTED AROUND THE POOL OR SPA.

Ocean: The waves can be rough at times IF IN DOUBT - DON'T GO OUT! Make sure you know how to swim before venturing into the ocean. Always swim with a buddy. Always Swim sober. Alcohol can greatly impair your judgment and swimming ability. Don't depend on a float if you can't swim. What happens if you lose the float? Don't dive head first. The shore line is rocky and special care must be taken. All children should be supervised 100% of the time!!